Creating $280bn in savings for building owners while decarbonizing our cities.

From the creators of Google Earth, Cityzenith's pioneering Digital Twin software platform SmartWorldOS uses data and AI to help real estate owners reduce building operating costs by 35%, boost productivity by 20%, and cut carbon emissions by 50 to 100%.

The CEO and Founder delivered 17x returns on his previous venture, and Cityzenith has been forecast to reap the rewards from President Biden's US Climate Bill, according to CNBC and an Emmy award-winning journalist on their business show.

Cityzenith has already raised $15m and is will shortly be closing out this $20m Regulation A+ offering, so that the company can add 100 more cities in the next 3-5 years, slash emissions and drastically reduce costs in tens of thousands buildings, and generate $150 million in revenue.
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Share Price: $1.50 Minimum Investment: $900
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Massive ROI for Building Asset Owners

$0.10 per sq ft to Cityzenith unlocks $3-5 per sq ft in savings over 3 - 5 years in a 100,000,000,000 sq ft US office market alone.

A booming Global Top Five Tech Sector

The Digital Twin market is a top five tech sector, forecast to grow 57.3% a year to $53.6 billion by 2027. Chosen Digital Twin partner of the World Economic Forum's Top100 Global Innovators program.

Adoption Of Our Platform is accelerating

New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orlando, Las Vegas are already on board. Dallas, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Rotterdam are in the pipeline for our first 100 cities. Project agreements recently signed with global energy and tech conglomerates.

Disruptive Self-Financing business model

Cities adoption and new green building legislation validates our technology to building owners, energy providers and infrastructure operators - self-funded through carbon offsets, saving cities a forecasted $280 billion.

Market leading platform technology

Cityzenith has constantly featured as a market leader in global market reports, as well as in the media for its pioneering Digital Twin platform technology, alongside Siemens and Microsoft.

successful Track Record

Over $15m raised since inception, and progressing towards our current investment goal of $20m. CEO & Founder has already delivered a 17x return for early investors in previous venture with Sequoia Capital.

Goals for 2024




Market Share




Square Feet


In Revenue

See our disclaimer about forward looking statements.

Goals for 2027




Market Share




Square Feet


In Revenue

See our disclaimer about forward looking statements.

What's driving the market?

Potential unicorn in a TOP FIVE tech growth sector

  • “Race to Zero” infrastructure bill prioritizes commercial building decarbonization, estimates market size at $200 billion
  • Cities and Governments are mandating net-zero compliance by 2050. Decarbonizing is becoming a requirement for building owners.
  • Cityzenith's SmartWorldOS platform brings all of a building's live data together in an easy-to-interpret fashion to enable better-informed decision making.

SmartWorldOS software platform enables huge savings!

Efficiency gains and savings are dramatic. Our Digital Twins integrate, correlate, and optimize 1000s of common building data systems and software tools in a single 3D virtual city model for projects of any size, anywhere. 

  • reduce building operating costs by 35%
  • high return on investment
  • increase productivity by 20%
  • cuts carbon emissions by 50-100%
  • identifies grants, tax cuts, and other incentives to reduce costs or even generate profits from upgrade projects
  • vastly improving how building asset owners utilise office space post-COVID

Meet Our CEO, Michael Jansen

  • CEO’s previous venture was backed by Sequoia Capital
  • Gave 17x returns to early investors in 3 years
  • An award-winning entrepreneur, architect, and urbanist
  • Has been creating pioneering technology to make buildings and infrastructure more efficient for over 25 years.
  • Global Excellence Awards 2022 - Top 40 CEO, alongside other industry giants such as Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerX) and Alan Jope (Unilever)
  • Recently been asked to join the World Economic Forum's Digital Twin City Global Advisory Board

Project Spotlight

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Cityzenith was selected by the NYC2030 District to deliver a Digital Twin solution for the Brooklyn Navy Yard designed to help building owners at the Yard reduce energy and water consumption significantly. Commencing with the BNY’s Innovation Center, Building 77, the project intends to demonstrate the power of digital twin technology to deliver advanced energy analytics, simulation, monitoring, and certification for buildings old and new.

Project Spotlight

New York Digital Twin Project

Brooklyn, New York City
NYC2030 District – AFG – Cityzenith
Project Spotlight

Downtown Phoenix Digital Twin Project

Phoenix, Arizona
Downtown Phoenix Inc. – Cityzenith
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Cityzenith welcomes its new partnership with Downtown Phoenix, Inc. The Downtown Phoenix Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization funded by an assessment on all property owners within the 90-square-block area of the Downtown Phoenix Business Improvement District – the hub of activity for one of the most dynamic downtowns in the country’s 4th largest city. DPI leaders will leverage SmartWorldOS to explore, analyze, and predict the impact of the potential re-densification of downtown Phoenix, with a goal to develop their vision for a more sustainable, diverse, dense, and transit-friendly downtown experience.

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The Las Vegas digital twin project is focused on the display and analysis of IoT sensor data in around the airport, including air quality, noise levels, humidity, temperature, and other key environmental indicators.

The Las Vegas project will be the first to be unveiled to the public, slated for presentation at the iconic Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to 200,000 attendees in early January 2022.

Project Spotlight

City of Las Vegas Digital Twin Project

Las Vegas, Nevada
City of Las Vegas Nevada – Cityzenith

The status quo: buildings in cities are the world’s largest polluters

Buildings produce 50-70% of total emissions in cities. 30% of total emissions globally. 75%+ of buildings need retrofitting for net zero. Only 100,000 (1.7%) of all buildings in America are green.

man frustrated with the single-purpose tools
  • Green retrofits are expensive and labour intensive-
    but increasingly they are required by law
  • Capital investment has 4-15 year payback period -- unacceptable to most owners
  • Thousands of single-purpose tools with proprietary standards are difficult for customers to use
SmartWorldOS screenshot
  • Check Mark
    Self Service -- no outside contractors needed
  • Check Mark
    3 Year or less payback period
  • Check Mark
    Brings disparate tools and allows them to work together
  • Check Mark
    Metaverse enables owners to see all data in one place conveniently


Cityzenith’s SmartWorldOS Digital Twin is the only product in the marketplace able to take all types of data and software into one, easy-to-use solution. Our competitors, including large companies like GE, Siemens, Philips, and Microsoft, use older technologies that are predominately single-use or service-based. Only SmartWorldOS brings all data sources and software together to achieve net-zero
while allowing building owners to massively reduce their costs.

Exiting—how investors make money

The company’s goal is to achieve $10.00+ per share in 3-5 years - the share price has increased 161% to $1.50 this year.

Option 1: There will be an opportunity to sell shares via a secondary market ATS on reaching our $5m Reg A+ milestone forecast for later this year, where investors can realize all or part of their original investment using this regulated platform. 

Option 2: Strategic sale or list on a public stock market.

There can be no assurance that Cityzenith will execute either of these options.

Introducing The Team

Michael Jansen


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An impassioned architect, urbanist, and entrepreneur, Michael Jansen has been creating technology to make buildings and infrastructure more efficient for over 25 years.

  • studied architecture at Yale and Cambridge
  • earned a Fulbright Scholarship
  • led the Asia practices of two major U.S. international architecture firms before the age of 30
  • last company backed by Sequoia Capital, which grew 30x to over 500 employees in just four years, disrupting the global architecture profession
  • featured on CNN, CNBC, the BBC, Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc., and in 100s of other major business, government, and industry publications worldwide
  • received several awards for his work
  • “40 Under 40”, Building Design + Construction
  • World Cities Summit Young Leader
  • World Economic Forum Global Innovator

Advisor to the

  • European Commission
  • Digital Twin Consortium
  • World Smart Cities Forum

Joshua Kace


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Jon has 18 years of experience as a senior full stack software developer and, after leaving the Air Force, lead the innovation team at US Bank prior to joining Cityzenith to lead our backend team. A pillar of the company, Jon is responsible for the entire backend software development function at Cityzenith.

Prasanta Bose


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Leland is a dynamic senior product manager whose varied experience spans stints at leading companies, including WeWork, Thornton Tomasetti, and the Pratt Institute. His intimate familiarity with AEC software and computational design tools combined with his relentless pursuit of excellence have made him the perfect addition to our engineering team.

Daniel Mosquera


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Daniel is a Senior Software Engineer with over 12 years of experience creating specialized dynamic, interactive 3D virtual environments for commercial applications. Daniel led the 3D virtual store team at Walgreens, one of the largest retailers in the US, prior to joining Cityzenith to spearhead the development of our Unity application.

Nenad Katic


X close

Nenad has more than 20 years of UXUI design experience, and is a both a prolific artist and professor of 3D architectural visualization at the University of Madrid, one of Spain’s finest schools of architecture. A Serbian national, he has numerous award-winning design projects and accolades to his credit. Nenad was also the former CTO of Screampoint, Cityzenith’s predecessor company, from 2002-2008, and today leads the UXUI development at Cityzenith.

  • $5,000+ — Tier 1

  • $20,000+  — Tier 2

  • $50,000+  — TIER 3

  • $100,000+  — TIER 4

  • $250,000+  — TIER 5

  • $500,000+  — TIER 6

  • $1,000,000+  — TIER 7

Bonus Shares

Please note that investments of $5,000 or more will receive bonus shares. Investors who make multiple investments ARE ALLOWED to combine their investments in order to qualify for bonus shares.Bonus shares represent a discount on the issuance price of $1.50 per share.

The Cityzenith Plan:

Share Price: $1.50 Minimum Investment: $900
  • Check Mark
    Validation from government and civic authorities
  • Check Mark
    Sell to building owners at $.10/sf/yr
  • Check Mark
    100,000,000,000 square feet office space in US alone
  • Check Mark
    Market growing 15.5X by 2026